MATERNITY HOME by Alexey Slapovsky
(based on the play Birth)

This is the performance with the highest rating in our theatre until now. A real hit. The performance has won the award of the audience BRAVO in the nomination FAVOURITE PERFORMANCE. At the All-Russian festival Russian Comedy in the town of Rostov-on-Don 2010 the play was awarded three times (for best direction, best male role and best female role).

The charm and novelty of this play is in the fact, that beside young mums and pops, babies take part in it too, who are to be born, but are still unborn, and who already fight for the rights to live a nice life. Especially funny is an eight-month old fetus, who appears before his youthful mummy in the shape of a forty-year-old man and teaches her how to live.

4 couples take part in the performance. Each of them has its own story and its own final.

Performance duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes with one interval
Audience 18 +
BLACK COMEDY by Peter Shaffer (an English comedy)

A young, struggling sculptor and his fianc?e are waiting for a millionaire-collector to come, who has shown interest in his sculptures. The fianc?es father is supposed to come to the meeting too in order to get acquainted with the sculptor. To make their own flat more presentable, the sculptor has borrowed the furniture of their neighbor (without permission). Just before the guests arrive, the main fuse blows, plunging the flat into darkness. The fianc?es father arrives. The neighbor comes back unexpectedly. The main character and his fianc?e are terrified and try to find a way out of the situation before the millionaire appears, in the dark.

The situation is really disastrous for the main character and very funny for the spectators.

Performance duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes with one interval.
Audience 12 +
SMELL OF LIGHT TAN by Daniil Guryanov (a criminal comedy)

The plot is almost incredible and witty. An armed prisoner invades a home, where everything is ready for a festive dinner.

And the dinner begins with the participation of the birthday girl called Yulia, who turns 39 and has never had any love relationship, and Roman, who is in the same situation, because he has been in prison for 20 years. And now these two adults do a crash course in romance, whereas for the usual course it takes months and years.

The situation is touching and funny at the same time.

A parallel line in the play shows Yulias parents interpersonal relations, which are wild, terrible, however recognizable by their humour. Thats why we can see the very beginning of these mysterious relations and their end. Thats the way the ball bounces.

Performance duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes with one interval.
Audience 16 +
ILLUSIONS by Ivan Vyrypaev

There are four characters and four actors in the performance.

The characters are aged sometimes 82, sometimes 35, and sometimes 48.

Before our eyes passes all their astonishing life, till the very end.

The actors tell about the characters they perform, get into their spirit and disassociate themselves from them, sing their songs, put on and take off their clothes, solely in order to understand one more time, whats true, and, whats an illusion.

Thats both funny and sad. Funny, because of the very illusions, and sad, because the same illusions sooner or later come to an end.

The performance goes without any intervals.
TESTOSTERONE by Andrzej Saramonowicz

The bride runs from the church, having kissed a stranger. What should the relatives do? Drag the offender in the booked reception hall and demand an explanation from him. However no one manages to explain womens deeds and in that case biology comes to help.

Then an almost incredible story follows, which includes fighting, singing, unexpected turns of the plot, scientific statements and inadequate actions. To sum it up: Even without the bride the wedding has taken place!

Performance duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes with one interval
Audience 18 +
HEROSTRATUS by Grigory Gorin

In the fatal night of the year 356 BC an inhabitant of Ephesus, a market tradesman called Herostratus sets Artemis temple on fire and it burns down. His case is sent to court. All inhabitants of the town of Ephesus are determined to punish Herostratus for the blasphemous and evil deed. The people want a just vengeance.

However, by means of money, it proves to be possible to change quite quickly the character of the deeds and the consciousness of the people too (alas, we have seen such things).

The villain nearly becomes a leader.

Or maybe the Goddess slaps in the face the inhabitants of Ephesus ?

Who knows ?

Performance duration: 2 hours with one interval.
Audience 12 +
A MAN CAME TO A WOMAN by Semyon Zlotnikov

A man came to a woman!

She tries to get him know well, and he is afraid to scare her. She strives to make a good impression on him, and he wants to show his worth. What is she going to see in him and what is he going to feel in her?

During one evening they are going to sense an upsurge of feelings, from mistrust and misunderstanding to euphoria and enthusiastic passion!

However, hes a man and shes a woman.

They both need answers.

Yet they have different questions to ask.

A new fall in the abyss of mutual misunderstanding is practically inevitable.

To find meeting points in this insoluble argument seems to be not easy

Performance duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes with one interval.
Audience: 16 +
MARRIAGE by N. Gogol

The theatre narrates easily and straightforwardly the plot, which is well-known, since everybody knows it from their school years here in Russia. The characters are not shown in a ludicrous way, because Gogol used to be lonely too. His characters evoke affection and sympathy. A successful civil servant in the prime of his life hesitates, when it comes to becoming a family man. It seems that the time has come to get married and the need for human touch and coziness is obvious, and the desire for children and happiness too

Yet the very procedure of viewing of the bride, courtship, matchmaking and marriage is frightening. A close friend is trying to tackle the problem and everything seems to be all right - the bride is nice, the competitors are outstripped and the wedding is announced

However, love turns up immediately and forever only in fiction and in the theatre. In real life things are differentNot a petty intrigue is at stake, but a serious issue to be happy or unhappy for the rest of ones life sounds frightful

Performance duration: 2 hours 55 minutes with one interval
Audience 12 +

by Alexandr Ostrovsky (a comedy about love)

The collision is typical of Ostrovskys plays: a young owner of a big dowry called Poliksena is in love with the poverty-ridden truth lover Platon. The heady grandmother and her son hinder Poliksenas happiness by all means. Then in their home turns up grannys old flame of her youth, who was separated from her and sent to the army by the parents and this way the two loving hearts parted. His appearance rescues the young lovebirds. Sometimes happiness comes when you have given up waiting for it!

Performance duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes with one interval.
Audience 12 +
by Ezhen Shchedrin and Yury Kamenetsky

The romantic-detective comedy FENG SHUIis based on the play by E. Shchedrin and Y. Kamenetsky, authors of the TV serial The Black Room.

How does a husband feel, who cheats on his wife for the first time during 20 years of married life? And if his lover girl resembles his wife to such an extent, that even her mother cannot tell who is who

Its a light, modern comedy with a detective story line.

The play has already been in theatres repertoire for more than 10 years.

Performance duration: 1 hour 25 minutes with one interval.
Audience 12 +
WE PLAY BIDSTRUP by B. Chernyaev, E. Drobyshev

This performance has been awarded at international theatre festivals.

Guest performances: in the USA, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark.

Its a unique spectacle. The performance is not based on fiction but on drawings.

In Denmark lived the world-famous cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup. We have revived his cartoons and an entertaining performance was the result. The actors dont play in one but straight away in several mini-performances. The stories follow one after another. Dozens of comic situations and stories are performed by the theatre according to Bidstrup and are shown and narrated to the audience. In the revived drawings we easily recognize ourselves and our acquaintances in a wide variety of situations comic, romantic and nostalgic ones. The good verve of the performance and the fascinating music by Nino Rota make the play absolutely comprehensible for spectators at any age and of any nationality.

Performance duration: 1 hour without any intervals.
Audience 12 +
FILUMENA MARTURANO by Eduardo De Filippo (a comedy)

The situation at Domenico Sorianos home, a rich merchant from Naples resembles real warfare!

Filumenas act of perfidy, the woman who he has lived 25 years with, who he has put his trust in and who has become a detail of his rich interior, is beyond his grasp.

The mans righteous anger because of the cunning infringement on his freedom leads to the only solution a full break

Yet Filumena is a woman of supreme goodness, frankness and honesty, and it isnt that easy to take her scalp.

The performance FLUMENA MARTURANO is a hymn to the strong and loving woman.

Its a play about fidelity and love, about the fact, that its the family, what counts most of all for the woman, about the faith in God and the hope for his mercy. Its about the womans power to regenerate the man, about her eternal striving for honest, sincere and unselfish relations, which are possible only in the family.

Performance duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes with one interval.
Audience 16 +
A FAMILY PORTRAIT WITH A STRANGER by Stepan Lobozerov (a nostalgic village comedy)

The plot is ridiculous: a village administrative manager brings an artist from the town to do out a club for a festivity and offers him quartering at his girlfriends familys place. Being jealous, he misleads his girlfriends simple-minded parents and her granny, warning them that the artist is insane and that they should be very carefulOn the other hand the administrative manager tells lies to the artist, explaining to him, that the whole family had been to the madhouse. The situation takes an unpredictable turn for the liar It is all haywire at the girlfriends place, and by the way this is a well-known state of our Russian soul. You cant understand Russia with your mind thats for sure.

Performance duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes with one interval
Audience 12 +
OLIGARCH by Alexandr Ostrovsky (a comedy)

Based on the play Christmas comes but once a year

A girl lives in Moscow, together with her mum. The family is not rich. The girl likes a guy, a nice guy, but his employer holds back his wage. Nothing special, however his wage has been held back for 10 years, and the guy still keeps waiting. He hasnt lost hope yet. Can such a guy be beloved ?

Meanwhile a very rich elderly tradesman has shown interest in that girl. Hes an oligarch and his name is Akhov. He is elderly, pretty impudent, but he promised her a life without any financial problems, almost a fairy-tale

It sounds pretty up-to-date, when the girl has to give up the idea of getting married for love.

However, the young fellow makes up his mind to get involved in a shady and risky undertaking.

In the final fight an immense amount of money is used, which guarantees this family well-being for generations to come.

Yet the desire of the womans soul for happiness wins.

Performance duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with one interval.
Audience 12 +